What Do Frenchtons Look Like?


Adult Frenchtons can have characteristics from either their French bulldog or Boston terrier heritage.

In many Frenchtons, the ears are longer than a Frenchie and the legs are shorter than a Boston. Their face is generally still somewhat flat-faced as both breeds are snub-nosed. Ears usually stand erect; tails are usually stubbed, slightly screw-tailed, or non-existent. Since all of our Bostons & Frenchies have tails, there is usually some sort of little tail.
The Frenchton colors can be from any Boston terrier or French bulldog coloring with a tendency to be colored like their parents or grandparents. Size, eye-color, and markings (brindling, spots, masks, etc.) also generally come from the parents/grandparents but can also come from farther back in the genetics.
In a well-bred Frenchton, the personalities are usually exceptional as it is a blending of these two breeds which both have wonderful companion personalities. The French bulldog antics, clowning, and independent nature combined with the Boston terrier intelligence, obedience, and eagerness to please, creates some amazing puppies called Frenchtons which are rapidly growing into a very popular breed. Below are some examples of adult Frenchtons.

Our Frenchtons

Below is a mix of puppy & adult Frenchton pictures for you to enjoy!

We are Professionals

In 2010, I was reading about how small breed dogs, Frenchtons included, should be living to the age of 18-22 years and I realized that I hadn’t heard of any French bulldogs or Bostons living that long. It was then, that I began my research to find out HOW we can raise our dogs to have an extended life-span. That is what we are doing now along with providing the ‘starter’ information to help new adoptive families make the choices that can enable their Frenchton puppy to reach that exceptional life and health potential. Our goal is to give our Frenchton puppies a lifespan potential of 16-20 years (adding 4-8 years to the combined average lifespan of Bostons and Frenchies).

Dedicated To Quality

Preferred Food

Friendly & Responsive


From the beginning we have used a holistic food, one of the top 3 commercial pet foods in the world but since my research we have implemented 3 major changes that I believe are the foundation of raising Frenchtons, or other small breeds, to ADD about 4-8 years of life to the average life span, making the potential life span in the 16-20 year range. As I prepare our adoptive families to welcome their new addition, I send them this basic info so they can be informed and continue preparing their new Frenchton puppy to enjoy an exceptional lifespan.

Also, since we have been raising Bostons for over 10 years, we have references from around the country, so that you can see what other families have said about their experience with us and their puppy adopted from us. We are now having families come back to get second puppies to be a sibling for their first one.

All of our puppies are from AKC registered parents (or our Frenchton adults come from AKC lineages) and come with a written health guarantee and contract. Even though our Frenchtons are adopted as companions, we raise them with the goal of correct parent conformation/markings in in mind.

Our puppies also come with 2 health guarantees. First of all guaranteed to be healthy at time of delivery (and vet checked recently before delivery). Each puppy comes with a Health Certificate from our vet. We also provide a six month genetic guarantee. An optional four year health guarantee is available (up to 48 months of age) if the new family will agree to a few things that we believe are vital for superb health and extended lifespan.

In addition, all of our babies are microchipped before leaving us and come with lifetime access to a pet behaviorist for those who register their microchip.

We welcome your questions, and hope we can help you find your forever puppy. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have. JanisLeee@yahoo.com 865.384.7631

AKC & International Champions

At Frenchtons by Design, we have taken our expertise in breed standard, health, and longevity and used it to blend some of the top French bulldog and Boston terrier champion lineages to create exceptional puppies. Our Frenchies are health tested with certified hips and patellas; our Bostons patellas are certified as well. Through parentage testing, our babies are also certified clear of jhc (juvenile hereditary cataracts).

  • Boston Terrier 50% 50%
  • French Bulldog 50% 50%
  • Champion 100% 100%

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