Frequently Asked Questions

We address some of the most common questions below, but please do not hesitate to reach out if you have a question not covered below!

I just want a pet, why should I worry about bloodlines and champions?

Even though our new families are adopting puppies as beloved family members, we are mindful of the quality of the dogs they are adopting. A breeder that is showing in AKC and is concerned with conformation, bloodlines, champions and such, will typically be more concerned overall with the dogs and their well-being. Generally, these breeders are more concerned with avoiding breed weaknesses and are breeding for stronger healthier traits.

Champion bloodlines produce better puppies! A well-kept and well-bred dog will live longer, be healthier, have a better temperament, and will make a better all-around companion. Our concern for bloodlines, health, and longevity gives our adoptive families the confidence that our puppies’ parents are high quality dogs that pass good traits on to their young.

Will you hold a puppy and what is your deposit?

We require a deposit of $500-$900, to reserve your place in line to choose your baby, a second deposit (usually half of remaining balance) when you officially choose your baby and he/she is 4 weeks of age, then the balance at delivery, or 7 days before flight. If your puppy is ready to go in the next week or 2 when you choose him/her, a deposit of half down is usually good. For puppies that are held past 8 weeks of age, the final payment must be made by 9 weeks of age. If necessary, we may accept a smaller down payment or allow three payments if that is helpful. We are flexible!

Are your dogs registered and will my Frenchton be registered?

Yes and no. Yes, all of our French bulldogs and Boston terriers are AKC (American Kennel Club) registered. AKC, the premier purebred dog registry, is not only the oldest, but also holds very high standards and even provides services for non-purebred dogs. Most of our dogs also carry champion bloodlines. And no, Frenchtons are not able to be AKC registered at this time. A new breed must go through many years of a process to become an AKC acceptable breed on its own

How are your puppies different from others? How are they raised?

Our goal is to raise the absolute best Frenchton puppies available. We are not a kennel, nor do we have, dog runs, or a building out back for our dogs. Our Frenchies and Bostons live in our home and have access to our half-acre fenced back yard. They sleep with our kids and are true family members. I am a stay at home mom with four children still at home so we spend lots of time with our Frenchton parents and our puppies are VERY well socialized along the way. Also we potty train our puppies until they are adopted. This makes completing his/her house training so much easier for the new family!

Our adults are chosen and raised with super personality, excellent markings, and exceptional health/longevity in mind. The AKC is our standard and 100% of our puppies are champion blood lined.

As time permits, I do research to insure that we are doing our best to raise our Frenchton bulldogs. This research is then put into daily practice. Because of my findings, we now feed a natural home-prepared diet, have adopted our local holistic veterinarian’s vaccination schedule (of not over-vaccinating), recommend delayed spay/neuter, and raise our puppies from birth like many police/rescue dogs are raised – by using the Super Dog Method (early neurological stimulation). Each of these methods of raising/training has shown to dramatically increase lifespan and/or produce better puppies. Potentially, from what I have read, just doing these things can increase the average longevity of a small breed dog by 4-8 years, making his/her potential lifespan in the 15-20 year range for Frenchtons!

What do you provide with the puppy?

Our provision starts before you receive your puppy. Not only do we raise our Frenchton bulldog puppies to the highest standards, but before a puppy goes home, I also send the information to help the new family make informed decisions about their puppy’s health and successful transitioning into the family/home. Updated pictures are sent until the puppy leaves our care.

In addition to the information, each puppy is current on his vet care and has recently been vet checked and given a Health Certificate before delivery. We also provide a Puppy Packet which includes the puppy’s health record, some health information, current and continued feeding instructions, and some other items of interest.

As of 2018, all of our babies who fly are flown in cabin with a Flight Nanny. Basically your baby goes from my arms to yours and is held on the flight by one of our Puppy Flight Nannies. For those families who drive to meet us, we provide about 7-10 days worth of prepared food for their new baby. This will show the family the portion size and how it is prepared. Also this will help the new baby transition to their new family without having to worry about a change in diet.

After you welcome your puppy home, I am also available to answer questions or offer suggestions to help if needed. We do like to stay in touch with our adoptive families so that we know that our puppies grow into healthy adults. This helps us insure that our adults are producing excellent offspring.

Are your puppies dewclaws removed?

Our babies see the vet for the first time at 3-5 days of age. Their dew claws are removed at that time. The vet gets to see every single one of our babies.

Do you recommend a supplement for excellent health?

Yes, for two reasons. First of all, everything pet owners do health-wise adds up just like savings. Because food in general is not as high quality and nutrient dense as it once was, an excellent supplement can fill in the ‘nutritional gaps’. Second, excellent supplements have been been shown to increase immune systems, give energy, protect from cancers, tumors, diseases, and build over-all exceptional health. A dog in top health will not only have less fleas and parasites, but will feel better, be more content, and will live longer. All of these things add up to less time and money at the vet office as well.

Our recommendation and supplement of choice is NuVet Plus. It is liver based, exceptional quality and testing, the dogs and puppies LOVE it, and it is an excellent value for the price. We are so impressed with it that our adoptive families are given a 4 year Health Guarantee if they keep their puppy on it. To order, call 800-474-7044 with order code 23121 to get our discount. If you order on auto-ship, there is an additional discount. You can also order online at NuVet Plus Longevity Supplement is an excellent value at less than 20.00 per month.

Are your babies microchipped?

Yes, all babies are microchipped before leaving. The new owner is given the option to register their baby with the PetKey Lifetime Package. This includes the microchip, a lifetime of registration of the microchip, an Amber Alert system sent out in a 25-50 mile radius of where a pet was lost (sent to vets, groomers, shelters,etc.), unlimited use of their online pet training library, and phone access to the PetKey Pet Behaviorist (a live person) for the lifetime of the pet. The new owner has access to their PetKey account to add pictures, print missing pet posters, etc. This is an awesome value for a 59.95 one time fee. If you have another pet with a microchip, you can get additional discounts to register their microchips as well.

Do you use a contract?

Yes. Each puppy comes with a Health Guarantee/Agreement. Our Frenchton puppies are adopted with 2 health guarantees. He/she is guaranteed to be healthy at time of delivery, has recently been checked by our vet and given a Certificate of Health signed by our veterinarian. In addition, he/she is guaranteed until 6 months of age, to be free from genetic health issues that would make him/her less than pet quality. An optional 4 year Health Guarantee is available (until the puppy reaches 48 months of age). All of this is provided in writing and we both, breeder and new owner, sign the Health Guarantee.

Can we / should we keep in touch after the adoption?

Yes! By keeping in touch we are able to make sure that we are providing exceptional puppies from our outstanding adults. Through the years we would love to have updates and pictures. It really makes our day when someone sends an email with an update. Since our kids (and now grandkids) do a lot of the spoiling, they LOVE to see the pictures and remember the sweet little baby that has now grown into that awesome adult. Christmas cards are also a cherished treat for us!

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