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Bessi Queen of the Hill!

Bessi Queen of the Hill!

       A Frenchton is the offspring of two documented purebred parents: a French bulldog and a Boston terrier. The combination of these two amazing breeds brings great potential for the best of both Frenchies and Bostons into one breed and lessens the chance for purebred genetic issues.  This makes the Frenchtons, also known as Faux Frenchies, not only great bulldog companions, but also lends to the Frenchtons an exceptional potential health advantage not experienced by either breed separately. 

       At Frenchtons by Design, we have taken our expertise in breed standard, health, and longevity and used it to blend some of the top French bulldog and Boston terrier champion lineages to create exceptional puppies. Our Frenchies are health tested with certified hips and patellas; our Bostons patellas are certified as well.  Through parentage testing, our babies are also certified clear of jhc (juvenile hereditary cataracts).


Absolutely Adorable Pup in Cup Baby Lafite at 4.5 weeks.

Absolutely Adorable Pup in Cup Baby Lafite at 4.5 weeks.

       Both AKC champions and International champions are found in our Frenchtons’ lineage. These aren’t just great dogs, they have the pedigrees to back up their excellence! Most of our Boston terriers alone, have dozens of champions and some are direct descendants of probably the most famous Boston terrier of our time, Cosmo. Our French bulldogs international champions and American lineage has some of the most amazing looking Frenchies with absolutely beautiful colors.

       Our carefully chosen AKC French bulldogs and AKC Boston terriers, along with a holistic, hands on approach to raising our dogs and puppies, and our LONGEVITY PLAN, make our Frenchtons the absolute finest Frenchton puppies for sale. Our Longevity Plan blends our research for longer life-span, together with the holistic experts recommendations for super health and longevity, giving your baby the potential for 16-20 year life-span (4-8 years longer than average). We pass this information on to our adoptive families so that they can continue to work toward that longevity plan with their new baby.

Bellame Poppy at 7 weeks "May I help you?"

Bellame Poppy at 7 weeks “May I help you?”

       The French bulldogs’ antics, clowning, and independent nature combined with the Boston terriers’ intelligence, obedience, and eagerness to please, creates some amazing puppies we call Frenchtons. 

       The more this designer breed is known, the more popular it is becoming. It truly is the best of both worlds and if it were possible, an improvement on both of these exceptional breeds, just because this fabulous mix of Frenchies and Bostons truly enhances each another.

       All of this would not matter much if we didn’t raise these amazing babies the right way. A kennel raised dog cannot, does not, and will not compare to a hand raised puppy nurtured in a family setting. Our dogs/puppies are birthed, raised, and trained in our home; we are not a ‘kennel’. Our babies are trained and spoiled until placed in your arms.

       We use some of the same techniques

Hi Five Blue Louie!

Hi Five Blue Louie!

for socialization that are utilized to train police dogs and our puppies are house trained to about the size of one room when they leave us.  

       If you are interested in adding a very special family member, we would love to talk to you!  We welcome your questions!